There is no special course for beginners this year. On Saturdays and Sundays, a rockabilly jive workshop is held for everyone in the large hall. This is done by current Facebook stars "Nellia & Dietmar Ehrentraut".
No registration is required. Just be on the day at the designated time in the hall and join in.


If you are an intermediate or advanced dancer, who is looking for inspiration and growth, you will find many opportunities.


The Dance Camp also offers special classes for high level competitors and teachers, where you can pick the top teachers’ brains for their experience and teaching concepts.



For over 40 years they have been lovers and passionate dancers of the 40s and 50s.
In the 70s, they began to danced  rock 'n' roll and boogie woogie. Through many seminars and workshops with international dancers came the success.
This dance has become an integral part of their lives. They discovered the 50s music scene and found people with the same ineterests at concerts and festivals.
In England, they discovered the Rockabilly Jive ...... Rockabilly Jive is easy to learn and makes great fun because you do not have to learn any step technique. Actually you only need a bit of rhythm and body tension and then it goes all by itself.


Jessy has been dancing since she was a little girl, she started with Boogie Woogie at the age of 8. Since then dancing is her biggest passion, when you see her performing you can see, you can feel her heart. Whenever she hears music she never can stand still, needs to move to the melody.
Her sensitive and funny kind of teaching makes it so useful for students at any age.
Jessy had a environmental education and now works in the economic division.
Despite this job all her life is dedicated to dancing, especially the swing dances and the 50s lifestyle

Markus started dancing when he was 11 years old together with Jessy he´s dancing since the year 2000. Dancing runs in his blood, he loves to move to the music and this is what makes him tick, the interpretation of the rhythm and melody. So he gives every dance his personal touch and with his funny way he is able to make almost everybody laugh.
Right now Markus is working as a driver and is also taking care of his wife and their two kids which are also already quite dancy. But every spare minute is packed with dancing and preperation for dancing.

So their connection is more than 15 years of dancing together which means they know each other very well, they even know sometimes what the other one is thinking…  This is what makes them such a harmonious couple.
When it comes to teaching their main topics are Leading & Following paired with Musicality and they do their best to pass their knowlegde with the biggest fun to the students.

One of their biggest international success was the Vice European Champion in Juniors Class aswell as more than 50 wins in Juniors and Main Class in Austria. Right now the two are 4 times austrian Champion.

In 2011 Markus and Jessy started with teaching and were welcomed in a lot of international camps as in Ukraine, Russia, Germany, England and many more…
Since then they travel around the world spreading their knowlegde and enthusiasm for swing dancing. The fun, harmony and their „Viennese Sense of Humor“ is what makes them superior and memorable in what they do.



Valerie learned her first triple-steps in the middle of 2014, just as Kristof. She was so dedicated to this style, that she was able to catch up with the best boogie dancers and had her first appearances in the German Television. She met boogie-woogie  through her fondness towards  the musical  style, on which she grew up . Fascinated by the flair of Swing and Rock'n'Roll her thoughts are always around them. Right now she is doing a course to become a dressmaker  with the ultimate goal to revive  the design style of that decade.
Jérémy Chanton started dancing from childhood. He quickly took up swing, with a special liking for boogie woogie and reached podium positions in French and international competitions.
He then joined a swing group in Montpellier, where he progressed further in lindy hop & solo jazz and soon after set foot in the world of swing festivals, taking pleasure in mixing social dancing and competition. Having won awards and become a recognized artist on the swing scene ; Jérémy now travels all over Europe to dance, perform and teach.

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