SATURDAY (Beginning: 14:00h)


14.00h - 15.30h - Betty Sue & The Hot Dots
16:00h - 17:00h - "Rockabilly JIVE"
17.30h - 19:00h - Tom Parsons
19.30h - 21:00h - Spo-Dee-O-Dee
21.30h - 23.30h - Ray Collins' Hot Club
00.00h - 01.30h - The Juke Joint Royals


18.00h - 20.00h - Aufheizen mit DJ
20.00h - 21.30h - The Silverballs
22.00h - 23.30h - Hillbilly Moon Explosion
00.00h - 01.30h - The Ridin' Dudes

FRIDAY (Beginning: 18:00h)


14.00h - 15.00h - "Rockabilly JIVE"
15.00h - 16.30h - Tom Jet's Fendermen
17.00h - 18.30h - The Rockabulls
19.00h - 20.00h - Jungle Tigers
20.15h - 21.15h - Graham Fenton
21.45h - 23.15h - Skinny Teens

SUNDAY (Beginning: 14:00h)







Since 2000 the ten piece band Ray Collins´ HOT-CLUB is part of the international swing and vintage rhythm and blues scene. Playing their own mixture of boogie, swing and rock´n´roll they released 7 albums, appeared in 3 movies and toured in more than 30 countries from Moscow to Las Vegas.
Their trademark is their wild stage act. But it is their own compositions which brought them international and long lasting recognition. With songs like Out Of My Mind, Barefoot or Bye Bye Paris they created their own classics. On their latest album, Cutting Out they went one step further and recorded as a 40 piece big band including string section.
Now they are back in the ten piece line up, back on the road and ready to rock.



Three years after their last album 'Damn Right Honey' THE HILLBILLY MOON EXPLOSION release their new album 'WITH MONSTERS AND GODS' on 02.09.2016. Three years they played in the streets of Europe and three years the new songs were written.
Of course, there is also an honored star, Mark 'Sparky' Phillips, Frontman of Demented Are Go! who sang in the duet with Emanuela, the Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazelwood classics 'Jackson', as well as he did the backing vocals at 'Black Ghost'.
Yes! This is the same Sparky, who already supports the band at 'My Love For Evermore', which has reached over 7 million YouTube clicks to date.
Absolutely unique is 'Call Me', the Blondie cover of 1980, the first single from the new album.
THE HILLBILLY MOON EXPLOSION is a loud pan-European rock'n'roll band with a blood-rushing character and a fast-growing fan base. Led by the Swiss-Italian Emanuela Hutter, the English singer & slap bassist Oliver Baroni, and skillfully supported by the English guitarist Duncan James and the new entry of the band drummer Sylvain Petite.
From the rockabilly scene of their electoral home Zurich, they rejected the invitation to participate in the 'European Song Contest' for Switzerland. THE HILLBILLY MOON EXPLOSION were known for their hit 'Johnny Are You Gay?' And preferred to tour through Europe, appear on the TV and support Jeff Beck on his European tour.
'WITH MONSTERS AND GODS' is the fourth studio album of the band; A cocktail of loud rockabilly, pure rock'n'roll, tattooed rhythm & blues & schizophrenic 50 'blues.
Fortunately, finally, sophisticated music culture from Switzerland and not just DJ Bobo. Sometimes Zurich is not only petulous & expensive, but also a small New Orleans! Keep your mouth open and listen. We advise with 'WITH MONSTERS
AND GODS ': Let's buy some booze, go downtown and get tattoos. . .


The Rock & Roll / Rockabilly singer from England has been touring since the 1960s and has traveled all over the world with his bands like HELLRAISERS, HOUSESHAKERS and the most famous of his combo named MATCHBOX, while he and his co - The first and the accompanying volume would be active like.CHUCKBERRY, JERRY LEE LEWIS, JOHNNY CASH, WANDA JACKSON, GENE VINCENT, etc etc etc.

With his already mentioned combo MATCHBOX, Graham celebrated his greatest success in the late 70s and early 80s with international hits like ROCKABILLY REBEL, MIDNITE DYNAMOS, BUZZ BUZZ A DIDDLE IT, WHEN YOU AS ABOUT LOVE, PUT THE BLAME ON ME, With whom they were also permanent visitors in German TV shows like the MUSIKLADEN and the DEUTSCHE HITPARADE (with Dieter Thomas Heck).

He is accompanied this evening by the Hessian local JUNGLE TIGERS, who had already established themselves in Frankfurt / Main almost 35 years ago in 1988. Since then, they have been taking part in world tours (as in November 2015 together with GRAHAM FENTON for the second time in Japan) And audio releases gained a large international fan base.


The founding of the Jungle Tigers already dates back to 1988 as the combo in Frankfurt / M. (Germany) was able to conquer the world with their rock'n'roll beats ...!
The ensemble presents songs by original interpreters of the fifties and sixties, such as Vince Taylor, Johnny Kidd & The Pirates, Kip Tyler, Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis.
The program is rounded off by numerous personal compositions by Christian Hochmuth, Stefan Pfeifer and Bernd Holzapfel.

Since its foundation almost 30 years ago, the band has gained a large fan base through numerous international appearances worldwide:
Recordings in Spain, Germany, Japan, England, France and Greece, as well as a successful Japantoure (in 2004) testify to the international popularity of the "predator cats."
Studio recordings as well as performances by international artists such as Ray Campi (USA), Johnny Powers (USA), Graham Fenton (UK), Levi Dexter (USA), Tim Polecat (USA), Darrel Higham (UK), Pep Torres USA), Rockin 'Pauly (ESP), Carlos Mejuto (UK) and Johnny Red (UK) also reflect the international presence of the band.

For the year 2017/2018, Further CD releases in Japan, USA and Europe as well as the first tours in USA and Australia.

Put on your Rock & Roll shoes and .... ROAR WITH THE TIGERS ... !!!


Spo-dee-o-dee played over 1200 shows in Europe, Japan and the US and thes released 8 albums. They are one of the favorite Rockabilly Bands of the European Rockabilly / Rock n Roll szene. The band was founded in the 90s and constantly reinvented themselve till they now play a mixture of the explosive late 50s and mid 50s rock n roll ´music.
Who has ever seen Spo-dee-oe dee live for the first time knows, what the 4 Berliners guarantee.... THE HOUSE IS ROCKIN !!!


Since 1999, the four Salzburgers have been touring in Austria and Germany. Numbers from the houses SUN, Capitol, Coral, RCA, etc., are presented plus their own compositions. Their second album "Once At The Barber", released in December 2016, is available through the Internet.


"In their veins is no blood flowing! It's liquid rock 'n' roll"

With this sentence actually everything is said about the award-winning "Silver Balls" and her tireless "Jumpin`Hot Rock`n`Roll" mission across the country and beyond its borders.

Without a safety net, all real, the "Ballz" are celebrating rock'n'roll, the most "honest" music of the universe in its inimitable way and so they are one of the hottest acts in the country.

No wonder the band was already awarded with the "Best Show" award at the legendary rockabilly Rumble festival by an international jury of experts.

The songs are not easily reproduced or interpreted nice.
The boys are making the songs to their own, they play it with passion, with dripping sweat and an incredible energy so that each and every dance hall and music hall is geeting to a seething mass of boogie, jive and rock'n'roll dancing people.
There is no way out - everything starts to move!

This band loves what they do
This band has liquid Rock`n`Roll blood
The Silver Balls ............ .it`s a Jumpin`Hot rock'n'roll show!


"The Ridin' Dudes" began in 2014 under the name of RAM, which consisted of the initial letters of the three musicians. More often than planned, the trio played without drums a wide-ranging program in the classic RocknRoll formation of the fifties. After several successful performances, they finally kept them!

Ron Glaser, Andi Hadl, Mika Stokkinen, Hermann Aigner and Roman West, have been on the scene since 2010 with several projects.

With "The Ridin' Dudes" they have now committed themselves to three giants of RocknRoll:
Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry and Johnny Cash!

With humor, joy and authentic sound, the three captivate their audience and guarantee a journey through the world of RocknRoll - the great passion of these three musicians!

Sometimes there are also short trips to neighboring genres such as ska, reggae, funk and soul.
The trio is complemented by Herman Aigner on drums and Roman West as pianists.

Together they are the unsalted "5 ridin Dudes" on Stage!

All five musicians have been on their own for a couple of years, and some of them have been together for more than two decades - and this experience can be felt from the very first beat.

 "The Ridin' Dudes" let these influences and experiences always flow into the songs and have created their very own vintage sound in a short time.


Tom Parsons - Rockabilly, Boogie Woogie & Country Music.
In 2010 the band won the International Country Music Award in Pullman
City and Tom Parsons won the award in 2012 as the best solo artist.

The quartet offers the best entertainment with authentic stage outfit.

For all those who love the Rock'n Roll, on men with sideburns,
Tattoos and American cars, and of women with colorful
Dresses with scabies in the neck heart palpitations get a real start
Time travel through the 50s with unforgettable hits.


"Austria's hottest Rhythm and Blues Orchestra"
From Austria comes the six-headed international rhythm and blues band, which is dedicated to the sound of the 40s and 50s. Whether it's boogie, blues, jive, rhythm, blues, rock'n'roll, the outstanding musicians burn a firework of their own numbers and rarities from the greats of the time like Louis Jordan, Ray Charles, Big Joe Turner and Amos Milburn , Wynonie Harris, Bill Haley, etc.

In case of the fantastic brasssection, The Juke Joint Royals, present on the stage powerful Rhythm & Blues. Especially the female saxophonist makes an especially good figure! The stage show of this band inspires immediately after the first sound and allows the audience to share in the vitality of the time. The frontman of the Juke Joint Royals, "The Emperor" Erich Herbst will soon set fire to the dancefloor and the audience wants only one thing: dance, dance, dance!


This is the start of the rockabilly quartet from the Rhine Main region. The turbocharged and wild rhythm picks up the audience immediately and tear it from their chairs. The band was founded by Potty; Frontman, singer and guitarist of the band. With more than 20 years of stage experience, the band not only have an authentic singer, they also have a talented guitarist who truly transcends the 50's guitar sound.
Co-founder, singer and contrabassist Marvin Lee pushes the sound with his slapbass. Drummer Olaf K. enriches the band with his drum kit and shows the audience that he has the rockabilly rhythm in the blood.
The fourth in the band is Bela who is responsible for the round "sound" with his wild rhythm guitar playing and his raw piano playing till the keys of his piano are glowing.
For more than eight years now, the band from the Rhine Main region has been enthusiastically enthusiastic about their 50's Rockabilly classics and their own songs at home and abroad.


BILLY and the Fenderme! The sound of Tom Jet's electric guitar is - next to expressive
vocals - in the foreground at their live performancrs. Roughly rooted in the R & B and the good, old Rock'n'Roll, this fantastic live band brings a musical crossover over the past decades - So the sound is "rocky", "swingy", "rough" and, of course, danceable!

Beginning with the sound of the rockin '50's and the swinging 60's, the surf or twang sound of the electric guitar, honest old time Rock'n'Roll, a breeze of Country and Jazz.

The Fendermen not only shine musically, they entertain the audience on their own, spontaneous way; An experience of the special kind and entertainment PUR! Not to be forgotten: they usually also look fancy ... dressed in cute suits, they are also the "Gentlemen of Rock'n'Roll".

The staffing speaks for itself: confessed musicians, with international experience, from top professional bands of the Rhine-Main region go their common, musical preference. The bandleader "Tom Jet" on guitar, vocals and conference, "Dieter Schmidt" at the Bass, singing and conference and "Billy the Kid - Jagger" at the drums. The formations of the musicians were repeatedly awarded with important media awards, a further proof of professionalism and continuity.


Copyright Manfred Weis
Hi. My name is Betty Sue and these guys are the Hot Dots.
We have sold our souls to Rock'n'Roll - ever since its hot beats and rousing guitar sounds and the driving bass tracks possessed by us and do not let us go.

Betty Sue & the Hot Dots - These are classics of the great era of the Milkshakes, the
Petticoats and the pomade - somewhere between Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and
Wanda Jackson - but also newest songs and earworms in the vintage style.
Sometimes noisy and cheeky, sometimes charming and sexy, but always authentic and
confident with my three experienced hot dots and me, Betty Sue Miller, on
microphone: So we are on the road - across Germany and the world around it.
Our mission is Rock'n'Roll.
So, see you soon - and do not ever stop to rock and roll!
Kissin 'you,
Betty Sue