There will be no DANCE CAMP this year. There will be some dance workshops on Sunday. Nellia & Dietmar Ehrentraut, who will be offering open hours for all who are interested, will be there again. Mostly it will be the rockabilly jive that even beginners can dance fast. MORE INFORMATION TO FOLLOW HERE!




For over 40 years they have been lovers and passionate dancers of the 40s and 50s.
In the 70s, they began to danced  rock 'n' roll and boogie woogie. Through many seminars and workshops with international dancers came the success.
This dance has become an integral part of their lives. They discovered the 50s music scene and found people with the same ineterests at concerts and festivals.
In England, they discovered the Rockabilly Jive ...... Rockabilly Jive is easy to learn and makes great fun because you do not have to learn any step technique. Actually you only need a bit of rhythm and body tension and then it goes all by itself.